Making Shirts Fresh and Clean in Dunstable, Bedfordshire

When you're operating on a busy schedule, let someone else ensure you have plenty of clean shirts to wear. Based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, the shirt laundering and cleaning service we provide leaves shirts feeling crisp and fresh.

Robust Shirt Cleaning

Our shirt laundering service is reasonably priced without any compromises when it comes to care and quality. We deliver exceptional value to every customer. Our team skilfully cleans and washes your shirts for as little as just £2.00 each, and we pay special attention to the collars and cuffs, scrubbing them down prior to washing to ensure they are thoroughly sanitised. Then, each shirt is hand-pressed and hanged in a protective bag, ready to be collected and worn.

Low Cost, High Quality

This quick, easy, service helps to relieve the burden of washing clothes yourself, and ensures your shirts are fully maintained, preserving their fresh condition for longer.

Don't be misled by our low prices – we have incredibly high standards for the work we perform and will keep your shirts in excellent condition for the duration of our service.

Working Quickly and Carefully

Shirts for all occasions are happily accommodated by our welcoming staff, be they business attire or even school uniforms. As soon as you bring us the shirts, we will have them done as quickly as possible. We also provide an expedited service when time is truly of the essence. A member of our team will always let you know the date you should expect your load to be fully completed and ready to wear. A dry cleaning service is also available for full suits and jackets.

Contact our team today, in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, for details about the shirt cleaning and laundering services we have to offer.